Cryptocurrency Exchanges: What They Are and How to Choose


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But as the industry has evolved, the U.S. government has introduced certain Know Your Customer regulations to prevent money laundering and fraud. This means it may take longer for you to find someone looking to buy what you’re selling and, if liquidity is low, you may have to accept concessions on price to buy or sell a low-volume crypto quickly. Beginners will appreciate Coinbase’s user-friendly interface and the simplicity of its buy and sell orders, akin to using an online brokerage platform for trading stocks. Coinbase’s more than 200 tradable coins should satisfy most looking to break into the crypto space. This Singapore-based crypto exchange provides trading services in more than 150 countries.  provides a very good selection of cryptocurrencies, with more than 250 available.

  • It exists as a platform on which market participants transact without having to search for a buyer or seller willing to trade with them.
  • Crypto brokerage enables indirect trading by moderating between customers and the market.
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  • A more sophisticated type of trade — using “buy” and “sell” orders — is more convoluted and less user-friendly, especially for beginners.

Orders move in one direction on this platform so that active crypto traders can move take advantage of market movements to buy a token low and sell high. There are no counterparty risks, zero fees charged on trades and it supports ERC-20 tokens like ETH, MATIC, LINK and USDC. One of Plus500’s best features for beginners is their Trading Academy which provides resources such as eBooks and webinars for traders of all levels. This comprehensive support enhances user confidence and competence, contributing to a better overall trading experience.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Exchange Make Money?

CEX.IO provides spot trading options with advanced trading instruments and charting tools for traders. EToro offers crypto trading for over 100 cryptocurrencies and has gained over 30 million users since its launch in 2007. In addition, you can stake your Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX) tokens to gain rewards. Coinbase offers free account creation, but you need to pay trading fees based on the maker-taker fee model. Based in London with offices in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and the US, it employs 150+ people.

The scoring formulas take into account multiple data points for each financial product and service. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Customers who are interested in features like in-depth technical analysis might consider paying for Coinbase’s Advanced Trade product, which will also be augmented with increased security. Advanced Trade is also replacing some of the features offered by Coinbase Pro, which was sunsetted in November 2022. Users can take advantage of’s utility token Cronos (CRO) to pay fees on the platform and earn other benefits.

For which purpose or what kind of people is the crypto exchange most useful.

Founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, Bitfinex was one of the first crypto exchanges to deliver the finest trading experience for customers. Currently, Bitfinex lists around 200 tokens and approximately 400 unique trading pairs. Also, Bitfinex allows its traders to trade from anywhere, anytime, using its mobile app. Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, offering traders spot, derivatives, and margin trading features. In addition, you can use trading bots to place automated strategies and conduct copy trading. Seasoned investors and traders can use Uphold to spot trade cryptocurrencies using crypto wallets or bank cards.

difference between crypto exchange and trading platform

In May 2021, Bloomberg reported that the Justice Department and IRS were investigating Binance’s operation for possible links to money laundering and tax evasion. Bloomberg followed up in September with news Complete Record Of Top Crypto Taps that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission was probing Binance’s connections to insider trading and market manipulation. Funding your Coinbase account with an electronic ACH transfer is free, however.

What about Binance and Binance.US?

The best crypto broker for you will depend on your specific trading or investing style. is one of those things I’ve long placed in my “I wonder what the deal is” column, along with Jojo Siwa, bird flu, and the difference between F1 and NASCAR. It seems impossible to watch a sporting event without seeing its name somewhere, and yet I rarely chat with someone who uses it or come across its name in headlines. Part of the issue is that I live in New York, where its services aren’t allowed. (That’s not a knock on the company — for a lot of crypto exchanges, the Empire State is a tough nut to crack.) But it’s also a rather nebulous entity in the American market.

difference between crypto exchange and trading platform

Moreover, Kraken Pro, a dedicated trading platform, is also provided to experienced traders for more advanced crypto analysis. is an all-in-one crypto platform that supports spot, margin, and derivatives trading for beginners and experts. On its advanced trading platform, you can also trade over 350 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It reserves 100% of its crypto assets, and its details are updated on its website in real time.

Experience Level

Brokers generally charge higher fees than exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This is because brokers typically offer a wider range of services and resources, such as market analysis and trading advice, which can come at an additional cost. However, the fees may be worth it for some investors who value these additional services and guidance. Brokers typically offer a more simplified and user-friendly experience for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. They often have a wider range of cryptocurrencies available for purchase and allow users to buy and sell using fiat currencies, such as USD or EUR.

difference between crypto exchange and trading platform

They also offer security features and storage options for your digital assets that may be superior to maintaining wallet software on your own. Cryptocurrency exchanges have started offering custodial key storage for their users, but you should use this service cautiously, as cryptocurrency exchanges are often prized targets for cybercriminals. Funds are mostly transferred either from your crypto wallet or your debit/credit card effortlessly. For Indian users seeking a secure and reliable crypto exchange with low fees, Gemini stands out.

Best crypto exchanges, compared

This exchange offers multi-signature features, which require more than two digital signatures to restrict unauthorized fund access or transfer from your wallet. Gemini also stores its users’ private keys at high-security data centers to avoid possible crypto wallet hacks or attacks. Below are the best crypto trading exchanges based on user experience, security features, and staking and rewards. You can swap directly from a cryptocurrency wallet, like the Wallet7 or MetaMask. You could use a crypto payment platform like Kasta to easily convert a crypto payment from the original coin to your preferred coin or a crypto exchange platform that offers swap services.

difference between crypto exchange and trading platform

A cryptocurrency exchange, on the other hand, is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other. Exchanges typically have a wider range of trading options and may offer advanced features such as margin trading and multiple order types. With a staggering selection of over 700 cryptocurrencies and a daily trading volume of $1.37 billion, KuCoin caters to diverse investment needs. CEX.IO is a secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform established in 2013. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and dedicated customer support, CEX.IO is a popular choice among both new and experienced crypto traders. Learn more about platform functionalities and user experience on our review page.

All users can access CEX.IO’s instant buy feature (only for credit and debit card purchases), mobile app, staking rewards, and crypto-backed loans. But more advanced traders might prefer CEX.IO’s spot trading feature (this option lets you place different types of crypto market orders) and margin trading accounts. Institutions and businesses can use its aggregator and payment management services. Coinbase is one of the best investment platforms for crypto trading, staking rewards, and crypto storage. The crypto exchange offering nearly 250 coins and tokens and is great for active real investors who can utilize Coinbase’s services, account options, and investment tools.

Best for Institutional Traders

This is because they handle users’ personal information and are considered financial intermediaries. As such, they are typically required to comply with regulations such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) rules. These regulations are in place to protect users from fraud and financial crimes. Also, most countries have laws and regulations in place to keep users’ personal information safe and private. To be sure, the casino thing could be said about most crypto exchanges — and sports-betting apps, and many regular trading apps. seems to be careful about coloring within the regulatory lines.

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